Tuesday, January 19, 2016


I opened a folder on my desktop that said everything....and nothing was in it, whether that is some potent metaphor for my life, a sign of some sort of ironic suggestion or just poor file management on my part , i don't know BUT at least it hasnt sent me spiralling into a existential crisis.. I'll brand it as new age digital poetry.

In other news how about some content shall we start with some adventures in leathercraft! Also a link to my instagram Adventures of scruff which is mainly made up of these leathery things.

A photo posted by Eoin (@adventures_of_scruff) on

A photo posted by Eoin (@adventures_of_scruff) on

A photo posted by Eoin (@adventures_of_scruff) on

A photo posted by Eoin (@adventures_of_scruff) on

Its proof i've found a hobby that doesn't require the computer as i was so itching to do something more craft orientated. I'm enjoying, though ive actually run out of leather now so im working on the last of the scraps. I need to import in some more really.

Work is back to normal which is good, everything is just so much better when its all on, the days seem fuller, your not frustrated at doing nothing and you earn your time off which makes a real difference or more for me you've earned a few hours where you dont have to worry or even consider work. Long may it last! having said that my current project is less then stimulating creatively so i ended up putting this little guy together the other day!
I'll finish it up there as you know should really save  some content for next time HA whenever that will be. SO Music, I've been listeneing to a lot of  AV Undercover, Where bands cover songs off a list with various choices, the later a band comes in the less choice they have! Its consistently good save for one or two covers which might just come down to my personal taste. I've picked three to share! 

First up Dresden Dolls Covering Neutral Milk Hotel. I was never mad into Neutral Milk Hotel but I am very found of Dresden Dolls and Amanda Palmer, Yes Virginia was a top notch album.
Next up Father John Misty Covering Flaming Lips!

And finally my favourite Wye Oak covering Kate Bush, which is awesome in itself but there stuff in general is well worth checking out (they also do like three more undercover covers which are great).

Should an open mic night go ahead this year all of the above are pretty solid contenders for a place on my list!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Every way but the right one

Its kinda  a bitch, I've had this blog for years now, 6 years in fact, and due to the nature of blogspot at the time and this being before all the updated stuff...i cant change anything about the layout or text size or anything...no analytics either not that i ever really use them but it be nice even just to make the text a little bigger. Ah ain't that just the way... and that leads me to my next point.

My colleague Will and I are starting a short together, we got inspired after watching "Over the garden wall". Were gonna keep the concept simple and use it as a means to learn some new software, practise our skills and stimulate the creativity, after all we've being doing commercial work so long its time to reintroduce a little joy back into animation, don't you think.

Work has also been slow for me and to be honest that's infuriating, I really want to work and you while i'm free i should at least be upskilling or trying to help the company in other means but its just not happening, i can t even find a crap job to tie me over. (or is it tied me over). Anything, new idea is to at least resort to doing enough stock that if we sold each one we make a day wage, long as i complete it in a day...i guess it also be good practise of my skills too.

I think upskilling be important at this time to but not on Dog Day time, which i'm never comfortable doing anyway. I can do what i do so i really should improve and learn new things for the company's sake as well as my own...so hopefully that will come through.

In none work news! i have pictures of a different kind. I've been leather working a bit so here one of my piece i have a handy photo of to upload, ive other work but nothing handy handy so that to come later.
Tools of the trade


Also my keyboard is really annoying me the keys on the pc one are to small i'm typing everywhere. RIGHT enough of that then here's a song and then bed.

This ones courtesy of Today FM's late night hour Enojy!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Short Shorts

Every so often when the mood hits and work is slow, i get a chance to be personally creative and make a small animation short... a small animation short...that sounds kinda weird...its definitely shorter then a short but a short animation short sounds repetitive......(remember kids for a more coherent version of this site the cuts out my babbling theres always "We Fight Crime Lite" a more streamlined and thought out version of this which is less like my personal sounding board)

So ya heres one from the other day!

ELEVATOR from Dog Day Media on Vimeo.

Its good to do shorts but usually means 'm not busy with work which in this case is true, i'm in client limbo, waiting for contracts to both be confirmed and for contracts currently on to be approved. Clients eh!
Lesson to you all no matter how prepared a client may seem account for stop ups.
..also i just noticed i put my underwear on inside out this morning..bugger

Speaking of shorts here an old one form Valentines day many moons ago.

Valentines from Dog Day Media on Vimeo.

Someone pointed out death is kinda prominent in my shorts... which then made it occur to me that everything i've made including all my college films someone dies. It wasn't my intention but there it is....bit morbid i know....anyway HAVE A NICE DAY!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Saturdays in office

Sometimes i come into work on saturdays. I like it here and it can be quite helpful for a few reasons. Firstly even if i end up doing the exact same thing as i would at home, at least i'm getting out of the house for a bit of day and giving myself the mentality that goes with that, being active and not cooped up.
The bus over gives me time to chill and listen to my music and i've always said i have me best ideas on the bus, watching everything around for a little inspiration.
Even when i get in if all i end up doing in the end is drawing pictures or watching netflixs, at least i'm doing it in a  quiet roomy office, that gets lots of sunlight and free tea and nice toilets...as opposed to my showebox room at home with the the slightly moulding wall and not enough space to swing a cat..its also stuffy or freezing no middle, whist her is nice and cosy.
Also at the office there is a good possibility that i might actually do a little extra work on the side, be it personal or regular....writing this blog entry for example.
So thats where we are with that so lets move on to some work
Heres a couple of home and work Sketches from this week.

Something a little more Comicbook, i cut off her mannish upper half

Some practise again with faces and such again trying to develop some style and better sense of proportion, its a constant struggle but its just a little better or easier all the time so that something

This lovely sketch is one  I did after the other day. Its kinda a twisted imaging of what it be like if people were like Cuckoos. I have no idea where the idea came from but someone must of mentioned cuckoos. 
Cuckoo Baby
After drawing it i though it reminded me of something and then i clicked, that episode of Rugrats wen Angelica thins she's getting a baby brother and the  thing is huge and eats her in a dream....man Rugrats was weird.
Rugrats photo for reference in case you'd forgotten
 I also thought should i ever make an animation based around the idea it would something like the crazy french animation the  the "La Vielle dame et les pigeons" that was a twisted but excellent short. I remember being terrified of it when i was young.

Over the summer i watched The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and found Lily Cole is a pretty distinctive looking girl, making her a good subject for my drawing, or trying to get her across in a style of some sort i guess, like i was doing with people i know. 

(Lily Cole here in case your interested)

This picture was just a sketch that i ended up really liking and i'm not sure why, its just a nice piece i thought and also a good start for a test i wanted to conduct with some new software both in the interest of work and personal projects.

Here are the results of said test with trail of   Autodesk sketchbook pro 7...quite the title

Apart from accidentally turning my girl to orange at the end, i'm pretty happy with the first go around of the program. I also have a legit project coming up that i can test i boundries a bit more and see if it be worth while purchasing.

Finally i saw this band a few week back, well impressed with them , highly recommend. I got in on a guest pass but i'd gladly pay for me.  There called Wyven Lingo.

There also all very pretty.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

FiIled under RESERVED

Maintaining a steady flow of entries is rocky, we've talked about this. My current work environment helps, sit sown and start for a few mins when i get in before work, sit down after work and put something else together, and all the tools i need...pencils,scanners, adobe tools if needed.. are all here.

However sometimes i try to backlog to, set up posts for later, i have several such entries in reserve tho they need finishing... although knowing me if i actually finished them i'd immediately post them..i have no post restraint what so ever. bit like oh content POST! ( how do you feel that i've utilised both bold and italics in the past sentence, getting fancy).

Sooooooo here are some RESERVES to expect at some point, again there quite generic

Mester Skuzzz'z Top  Films (you may have already clicked im a bit of a film buff)

Mester Skuzzz'z Top Webcomics  ( Webcmics are a fine source of entrainment)

Mester Skuzzz'z Top Animes ( again a good anime is just tip top)

and of course the Desert Island Discs Entry....which is ever changing.

Now On with the Comic!

Heres another "face of a friend" drawing...i'm really enjoying doing those

And here is a moment from my childhood versus now as explained in the title.

Finally some music that mirrors my pretty much my everyday feelings 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

...You Had Time

There really doesn't seem to be any time these days, while there is still so much to do and write and draw.  Could be my new sleeping habits my old nocturnal ways fading away as i accept the various constants of modern man, 8 hours and up early....i miss the night, we were pals and everything ended up getting done, that was all there was to it.

But i guess thats progress So cant be helped, tho i do have alot of plans for this upcoming Winter, however i have yet to set even on of these plans in motion...plans require cash, and i'm not sure i have enough for ALL the plans so i'll wait till i do ad then the time for plans will be over. Oh dear.

But here are some things i'd like to do! sooon

#1- get a driving licence, this actually does not rank that high on my list but i feel i should at least kid myself that i want, no need one, which i guess i do. It will only get harder to get it so I should suck that one up alright...

#2- Moving away from the practical to the creative, I would like to learn a new instrument, perhaps the trumpet, which means sourcing a trumpet and lessons. After my reconnection in a manner with my guitar this summer i thought it be nice to have something else in my repertoire and how easy would it be since i kinda have a music background already,even if they are very different instruments?

#3- The sudden urge to have some practical knowledge and do something with my hands ahas hit, a physical craft,  which i have decided shall be leather. If i got into that i could make belts, guitar straps, book covers etc make nice prezzies too. I'd very much like to learn leather crafting.

#Obviously i'd like to start working on short films again tho that is a serious time consumer especially after working on other things all day, but i imagine finding time on quiet days in the office could help to stimulate that process...so not to worried there.

Well anyway here are some pictures too

Here are what i like to call my Turkey Worky Sketchs...the things i scribble in my spare time to practise and the likes.
Insight into my mind during work
These are some test faces i did of my friends, or as i call them the Women in my life. There is no real consistency here just testing different styles and expression.

This is space dog...if you ever listen to Tori Amos, tho i downt know i that song is actually about a space dog, we just been talking about the first dog in space lately so ya know 
Triva: the  first dog is spaces name was Laika! a Doggy Cosmonaut


This is one of the many songs i've meant to catch up on that never made it into the blog WELL now its here

Friday, September 12, 2014

Lets talk Worky

Welcome to a look into my working mind as it were, a small rant about the way things and people are in this business apparently....including myself...also with pictures

Sometimes you have to spend hours sorting through music tracks to find one that either fits your piece or feels right enough to edit too. Generally there are two issues here, the first is that you more then often have to sift through an immense amount of shitty stock music before you find a piece that works or every piece you listen to sounds like it would work great in something else and so you constantly like " I should make a movie with that track...or get back to the work at hand"

On a side note i heard a great band in Hamburg (i know get me with the travel) the other week called PHOX, all i could think was god that singer is pretty and god would i like to use their music in something. Heres a track for your musical education.

I seem to be single handedly raising the views on this i think but fuck it if it great.

Back to blog.

So ya music i've got like 4 or 5 projects i'd like to make purely based on stock music i've heard... and now that it's getting to winter again ya never know i may actually get around to it, stay a little later work on some personal stuff that kind of thing, wouldn't that be nice.

These guys may feature

In my line of work i come across a lot of different types of folks, but many very similar you could almost categorise them. Lately it's been High Powered Blonde ladies.... I've had at least 3 projects lately that have been for older blonde ladies using the word sexy far to much...."we want it to be sexy and wild and different" I understand what there asking for but i wish they wouldn't phrase like the info on a x-rated video.  There also always accompanied by a younger counterpart who sorta give us odd looks and then try to reel there older colleague back in again.

You tube comments...whats all that about you could right whole 6 articles on that but i'll stick to a brief overlay. Content is irrelevant someone out there will always just be a dick, unprovoked dick. You know the phrase if cant say something nice don't say anything at all well i think that got lost somewhere along the way with the people of the internet....

I'll finis that thought another time as its friday and i should be getting out of this damn office and into my weekend, so we'll pick this up another time ... BUT here are some picture to enjoy